Care instructions

Harlow & Oakley wants to ensure you get the longest wear out of your items so please follow our washing guides:

Machine wash on a cold gentle cycle

Use mild detergents

Line Dry

Use a garments bag with any items with beading/pompoms or delicate trims

DO NOT tumble dry

DO NOT leave to soak for an extended period of time

Sizing guide

Harlow and Oakley provides a size guide for each product. The size guide can be found in each product description and it's only an indicative size chart.


It is important to note that slight variations in sizes may occur between different batches of production. These variations are typically within a range of plus or minus 2cm. The reason for these minor size discrepancies can be attributed to factors such as fabric shrinkage and/or stitching variations. While we implement rigorous quality control measures to minimise any discrepancies, the inherent nature of the manufacturing process can result in slight variations. Hence please check the size chart for each product and allow these slight variations.

The size guide we provide for each product indicates the specific measurements for each size. It is in your interest to double-check these sizes before purchasing an item and allowing to ensure that the item will fit your little one.


If an item has been purchased and upon receiving it you realise that the item does not fit your little one, we will not instantiate a refund. if you get in touch with us, however, we can organise an exchange with shipping cost at your charge.

If an item has been purchased and upon receiving it you realise that the item does not fit your little one, if the item size does not match the provided size guide and measurements are really far off from the expected size we will be more than happy to organise an exchange or refund. In this case, you will need to provide Harlow and Oakley with some photos (with measurements) to prove that the size is incorrect.

For any problem or enquiry please reach out via our contact us page.